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Course Descriptions


ATA571 / ATA572 Ottoman Turkish I-II

The main target of this course is  to provide the students with an excellent skill in reading (printed as well as handwritten)and understanding Ottoman texts to facilitate their researches.  

ATA501 Social and Political History

Includes;political,social and economic developments in the period of Ottoman Empire and of the War of Independence,national foreign policy,Lozan,multi-party democratic life,constitutions and todays developments.

ATA541 History of  National Struggle War

It is aimed to evaluate History of  National Struggle War from Mustafa Kemal’s departure to Anatolia till Lausanne Treaty. Comparison the Armistice period,the role of Great National assembly of Turkey, the fronts and Lausanne Treaty

ATA521 Research Methods

This course aims at assisting  the students by providing the necessary knowledge on the techniques of writing the post graduate thesis and introducing the sources related to the subject they selected for their thesis

ATA588 Seminar

In this course, students are expected to study text.A seminar course selected by every student who's working for his/her advisor.

ATA591 Graduation Project

Yüksek Lisans programı öğrencilerinin teorik derslerinde edindikleri bilgileri, sorumlusu oldukları konularda yapacakları derinlemesine araştırmalar ile kaynaştırarak proje hazırlamaları sağlanacaktır. Alanında seçilmiş konularda araştırma faaliyetleridir.

ATA542 Turkish Foreign Policy in Republic of Turkey

It is aimed to teach Turkish Foreign Policy from late Ottoman Period till Republic. Analyses Turkish Foreign Policy

ATA531 Turkish Modernization History

Modernization efforts in the Ottoman Empire ; works on reconstruction ; conditions where the “System of Ataturk’s Ideas” being formed ; modernization works in the period of the War of Independence and in the time of  Republic including present days will be handled in a comparative method  based on the relations between the motive and the result achieved.

ATA511 Nutuk (Ataturk’s Speech) and It’s Tenets (Basic Lessons to Learn)

Ataturk’s Speech will be studied as the most important source for the history of the Rebublic. Its aim,its methods of evaluating the events will be investigated. Developments in the period of the War of Independence and of the republic will be examined by the criteria used by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk.

ATA523 History of Contemporary Turk and Middle East​

Teaches Turkish world and Middle East

ATA512 Ataturk’s  Renaissance

In the course,socio-economic,cultural and political situations and international relations of principle of Kemalism and revolution era with the changes occurring in this environmental situations in time will be examined;the validity of principle of Kemalism and revolution will be evaluated.

ATA522 Political and Economic Ideologies

The course will cover the causes for appearance and disappearance of basic economic and political ideologies in the history;their current state;the meaning and the characteristics of “Kemalist Ideology”.

ATA524 Globalisation, Concept of Threat and Security Strategies

Political and military situation in the eve of the Second World War;the causes and the results of the war;bipolar world structure following the Second World War;Developments led to the collapse of the Soviet Block and the first introduction of the concept of globalisation;obstacles on the way of globalisation and the new problems caused by the globalisation efforts;new perception of threat in the one-polar world;principal crisis areas in the world;security concerns caused by the new threat perceptions and the crisis;national and international dimensions of the contemporary security strategies;threats directed towards the Rebublic of Turkey and policies and strategies developed against them;studying these threats and security policies  within the framework of Ataturk’s principles and ideals.

ATA532  Ataturk as Human and Leader through Global and National view

It is aimed to understand Ataturk’s notions who lightened a nation.It is evaluated Mustafa Kemal Ataturk’s thought as human and leader.

ATA598 Thesis

Research technics and writing thesis